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Peace of Mind for everyone in Pharma SFA, Marketing & Sales Team

New Age Sales Force Automation For Pharma Sales & Marketing!

Finally, a Pharma SFA which helps your sales rep to ditch the spreadsheet, engage HCP in better way & streamline your sales process.

We have got every feature you want, and if there's anything you haven't found, we’ll build it for you - absolutely FREE!

Trusted by companies of size 20 to 20,000

Generic Pharma SFA Weren’t Made For Pharma & Life Science companies Like You:

number They don’t cater to your unique needs such as eDetailers, and consent management
number You still have to rely on excel since the CRM is quite confusing to use
number Other CRMs are either too agnostic that you end up paying for features you don’t need
number They’re costing you up to 70% in admin time and human errors trying to figure out how to adapt the CRM to fit your workflow and needs

That’s why we’ve build InstaMD

InstaMD makes streamlining your sales operations, engaging HCPs, and closing more deals ridiculously simple and pain-free.

Learn what InstaMD can do for you.

Sales Force Automation

Elevate your sales team's performance and streamline operations

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Marketing Automation

Streamline campaigns, enhance customer engagement, and optimize outreach

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Sales Playbook

Empower your sales team approach, optimize engagement, and drive success

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Learning Management System

Streamline compliance, enhance knowledge retention, and empower your workforce

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Smart SFA to outsmart the changing world

The world has changed, and it's going to keep changing. InstaMD SFA helps your teams to adapt, evolve, and scale by working more effectively. Spend less time on mundane tasks and focus more on strategy. Do everything available in any other generic SFA with advancement of InstaMD. InstaMD SFA will make it easy for your field staff to perform everyday basic reporting.


Engage HCP with Omnichannal Digital Marketing

Never worry about not saving important metrics or details when you run out of data. Our offline CLM will take care of it.


Your go-to knowledge hub, providing instant access to essential resources for your team's success.

Empower your sales team to learn and excel from anywhere with our dynamic sales playbook. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it equips your team with the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed in today's competitive market


Sales, service, and email outreach tools in a single app.

Never bore your HCPs again. Make your meetings engaging and participatory with our interactive eDetailer and host meetings that are as exciting as real-life ones.

Made exclusively for


Track and manage your appointments within a single platform.


Duplicate your best performer with the insights gathered from interaction with clients.


Boost sales by getting your field agents up-to-date with the latest content and customer insights via mobile app.


Keep track of your entire team’s performance and your sales performance within a single platform.

Everything you need as a Pharma Marketer

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Personalization at the Core

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Omnichannel Excellenge

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360 Degree Customer View

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Optimized for hybrid field teams. Personalized for customers.

Personalize your customer experience and adapt to remote and in-person interactions with visibility across all channels.

Learn how to deploy and structure a digital-first field team for hybrid engagement

Our Features

  • SFA
  • Omnichannel
  • Opendata

The most widely used life sciences CRM solution reinvented to power agile and efficient commercial models. A strategic asset built for sales, medical, and marketing excellence.


Closed-loop marketing helps you identify preferences, harmonize interactions across channels, and forge deeper customer relationships.

InstaMD CRM Engage

Deepen HCP relationships with a global platform to meet, connect, and share content before, during, and between meetings.

InstaMD CRM Approved Email

Connect with hard-to-reach customers and extend your face-to-face conversations without compromising compliance.

InstaMD CRM Engage for Portals

Capture immediate insights and preferences from digital interactions.

InstaMD CRM Events Management

Better manage life sciences live and virtual events with greater compliance.

InstaMD Nitro

Power commercial insights with a data science and analytics platform

InstaMD CRM MyInsights

Take action with real-time insights directly at the point of execution.

Why choose us?

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Put Customers at the Center

Create seamless handoffs between sales, medical, and marketing for a best in class customer experience across channels.

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Gain Complete Visiblity

Track your performance and learn what works. With visibility to sales and marketing results, you can quantify your impact and drive continuous improvement.

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At Dribble Insides

Digital and personal channels let you optimize your promotional spend while extending your reach.

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Hours Of Support

Hard Workers


Christopher Mutz

Head of Rare & Disease, ANI

“To serve rare disease patients with high unmet medical needs, we need to be agile, data-driven, and efficient. With InstaMD as our trusted partner, we accelerated launch readiness and equipped new sales, medical, and marketing teams with the digital tools they need — all with the speed and precision warranted by such an important milestone.

Alex Day

Innovation and Business Excellence Director, AstraZeneca

InstaMD has played a key role in providing us with the capabilities to blend physical and digital interactions throughout the customer journey. InstaMD CRM provides critical insights that put our customer-facing teams in the driver’s seat, so they can tailor each interaction and deliver valuable, relevant experiences.

Christian Griffin

Head of Commercial Excellence, Teva UK

With InstaMD CRM, Teva is pushing forward on its journey towards total customer centricity. We can now capture and share rich information about all of our customers to provide a personalized experience where each subsequent interaction is better than the last.

Matt Brandon


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Abraham Ceesay

Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Keryx

We have adopted a holistic, customer-centric strategy by implementing a cloud platform that enables information sharing between sales and marketing. With InstaMD as our foundation, we can develop relevant multichannel programs that allow us to engage with customers on their terms.